Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Balayage Hair Coloring Bergen County, NJ

Balayage isn’t a new technique, but its natural and timeless flair has been making a comeback. Hair salons everywhere are getting clients requesting balayage hair treatment. Here at Vlad’s Hair Studio we know all about balayage hair coloring in Bergen county New Jersey.
Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.
It’s a subtle way to lighten hair for that timeless sun kissed look. With balayage, hair regrowth is less noticeable because it is meant to look natural and soft. In the grand scheme of hair design, balayage is on the subtler side but it is nonetheless a look we love
Unlike the more intensive hair color techniques, balayage is done by applying on the outer surface rather than through the entire section of hair. The saturation is gradual and isn’t fully saturated until the tips. This leaves a lovely, almost ombre look on the hair. Usually, balayage is a freehand technique.
Balayage is on the rise again because it works for virtually all complexions. A stylist who understands your hair and complexion will know exactly how to apply the best shade balayage to make it highlight your overall look.
Unlike most hair treatments, balayage is meant to look natural so regrowth doesn’t appear obvious or unkempt. Because of this you can go longer between touch ups, maybe once a month rather than every two weeks. As for standard home care, it’s the same as regular hair color—use protective shampoo formulated for color treated hair and avoid high heat when styling to prevent damage.  
Balayage Hair Coloring Bergen County, NJ
Balayage requires a skilled and an updated stylist, as demand for it has gone up recently and many beauty schools have only just started teaching it. However, since A-list models and celebrities have taken to this new trend, stylists are catching up to meet the need of their clients who want hair straight from the runway.
Timeless looks are often simple yet compatible with other trends within specific time periods. Balayage is a natural, soft look whose technique has been modernized—it’s flattering and adored by many hairdressers and hair enthusiasts. Low maintenance allows for a greater population to consider balayage as an option; the natural look of it excites people who are normally deterred from conventional hair color.

For more information on how to get balayage hair coloring in Bergen county New Jersey, call Vlad’s Hair Studio at (201) 976-3923. 


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