Monday, August 20, 2018

Balayage Hair Coloring in Bergen County, NJ


Do you want to color your hair, but are looking for a more natural looking option like a balayage hair coloring in Bergen County, NJ? Vlad’s Hair Studio provides balayage hair coloring in Bergen County, NJ that will get people admiring your new look. Our professional hair stylists have the experience and knowledge of the latest trends to give your hair the extra vitality it needs to stand out from the rest.

Hard as it is to believe there was once a time when those who colored their hair were looked down on by "respectable" women. Some would sneer, "She gets her color out of the bottle, you know." Making it sound like that was a bad thing. But any such stigma associated with coloring our mane is long gone. Anymore it's so common no one gives it a second thought. In fact, some of us would be hard-pressed to recognize our own natural hair color it's been so long since we have seen it. Because as they say color is a girl's best friend.

Another thing that's changed from when your mom used to color her grays away under the cover of darkness is the quality of the products available. It's been a long time since anyone has gotten even a whiff of any strong, offensive smelling products in salons. Those have long since disappeared or been replaced by gentler formulations that are free, or mostly free from ammonia, peroxide or other harsher chemicals.

Balayage hair coloring has come a long way when it comes to being gentler, safer and more pleasant smelling. They too use far fewer harsh chemicals that can lead to damaged hair in a heartbeat. Making it safer for you to get the desired results. Which as hair color ideas go isn't a bad thing, now is it?

Seems those that bring your hair color in a box have gotten the message. You'll notice more fruity scents rather than something that smells like a toxic waste dump when using them. Apparently, all part of an effort to make the time spent coloring your hair seem more like putting on make-up rather than doing something that requires you don a hazmat suit.

That's not to say you're going to duplicate the salon experience at home any time soon exactly. But it also doesn't mean the over the bathroom sink approach can't be more enjoyable, or pleasant even, now does it?

In other words, we've come a long way, when it comes to coloring our hair.
Plus, few things offer the opportunity to change your look the way changing the shade of your tresses does. It lets you keep everything else virtually the same while still giving you the change you seek. Not a bad deal.

Still, if that sounds at all appealing you might first want to stop and ask yourself some questions. Or at least think about these points which can help you decide among the many hair color options. Since the goal is to find out which will work out best for you and your hair.

To help you get there safely and with confidence here are some tips to think about that can help you arrive at that point sooner rather than later.

To begin with, the choice of colors would top the list. So what family of colors is on your mane wish list? Are you looking to alter the color or color the gray?

Almost as important as the color choice is deciding how you will get there. Is this a DIY dye job project or will you put your tresses in the experienced hands of your colorist at the salon? The price tag can be considerably different depending on which direction you go.

Then how committed are you to your color choice? In other words, are you ready for a permanent change or are you still dabbling so that semi-permanent color would be a safer way to go?

Thinning hair? Did you know you can make it appear thicker by the strategic use of color? By that I mean if you color your root line to deal with any regrowth you're also making the roots look a bit darker. Not only does this touch up your color it will also create the illusion of thicker hair. That's because roots that are a bit darker make your hair appear to be fuller and more dimensional.

To book a free consultation at our balayage hair salon in Bergen County, NJ or for more information on hair highlighting, contact one of Vlad’s Hair Studio stylists at 201-796-3923.