Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spray Tanning Salon in North NJ

Who does not like to have a sun-kissed glow? Everyone enjoys how they look with a tan. That explains why summer after summer so many people continue to bake in the sun despite all that we now know about the cancer-causing dangers of UV rays. At Vlad's Hair Studio, we want our customers to be safe and healthy without having to compromise on gorgeous skin color. Our spray tanning salon in North NJ is a lovely alternative to traditional outdoor tanning.

Spray tanning uses Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to make your skin darker. This tanning agent first appeared on the market in the 60's and has been carefully tested and approved by dermatologists ever since. When you come to our spray tanning salon in North NJ we spray you with a special device that gives you even, uniform color . The DHA will make your skin produce the darker pigment over time. The best part about spray tanning is that, unlike tanning outside, we can customize the color so that you get the exact shade that you want and it is all in your control.

The benefits of getting a spray tan at our spray tanning salon in North NJ include:

  • ease of application
  • camouflages cellulite, blemishes and scars
  • no UVA/UVB rays involved
  • fades gradually like a real tan
  • can be used in the winter when outdoor tanning is impossible
  • great for special events like prom, weddings, and other formal occasions
  • makes you look slimmer and healthier

To book a spray tanning treatment at our spray tanning salon in North NJ and to learn more about what we offer, contact Vlad's Hair Studio at 201-796-3923.

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