Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spray Tanning in Bergen County, NJ

In recent years, spray tanning in Bergen County, NJ  has become increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. A tan is flattering on almost anyone. It instantly makes your skin look healthy and glowing, it camouflages blemishes, gives you a youthful appearance, and makes the body appear instantly slimmer.

But, the more we learn about the skin damage and cancer that UV-rays can cause, the more we are inclined to look for tanning alternatives. Spray tanning is the best way to add some color to your skin without using messy lotions that leave streaky lines, or sitting outside for hours, risking your health. If you are looking for a spray tan in Bergen County, NJ, Vlad's Hair Studio can be of service.

We apply our tanning sprays with precision, ensuring that you get an even, beautiful shade to show off at any time of year. Most people associate tanning with the summer, but even with August winding down, spray tanning can still be of use. During other parts of the year, especially the winter, our skin can take on a ghostly, sickly pallor. By getting a spray tan, you can freshen up your appearance, without looking out of place. The beauty of our spray tans in Bergen County, NJ is that we can adjust the spray strength to your needs. In the summer, we can give you a darker hue, and in the winter, we can just do a light coat.

With over 15 years of total hair styling experience, we provide top rate hair style services in Bergen County. Catering to men and women alike. We are constantly trying to improve and evolve, making sure that our beauty technicians are always bringing out the best in each person's individual looks. When you need a spray tan in Bergen County, NJ or a haircut, some highlights or a wax, we are here to provide you with all the beauty services you desire. For a free consultation, more information, or a tour of our salon, please call us today at 201-796-3923.  

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